If you are aged 10-18 there are so many different ways you can get involved with HeadStart. You don’t have to be the loudest or most confident person - as long as you want to make a difference to young people’s lives in Kent we want you to get involved!

You can help us shape the HeadStart service and improve the mental health, wellbeing and resilience of people just like you. This is called coproduction.

If you want to get involved with any of the activities below, you can contact us.

These are fun and interactive days where we get your input into the HeadStart project and allow you to make decisions about and take ownership of certain aspects of the service.

We also want to develop your skills and teach you more about resilience. There are a few groups of young people that meet weekly/monthly in the different HeadStart areas to help make key decisions about improving young peoples resilience and wellbeing.

At these sessions you'll come up with new ideas we can use within HeadStart to best support young people. You can join one of the area groups and then progress through to the central Speak Out group.

Every year we take you on a training residential at Swattenden to:

  • learn about HeadStart
  • take part in outdoor activities
  • learn about representing young people
  • learn about resilience
  • take part in some real decision making opportunities.

As you grow in confidence you could also become a young leader and young volunteer and start taking the lead more in sessions.

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Take part in fun interactive training to enable you to evaluate different elements in the HeadStart programme.

You will get to evaluate the safe spaces within schools and the peer mentoring programme.

Are we doing a good job? Are young people receiving a good service? You will be able to influence change and improve services for young people whilst building on your skills and experiences! Get involved in your area groupings!

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Build up your CV and your skills with us! We offer the following types of training:

  • Recruitment and selection
    How to write questions for an interview and then take part in interviews for new staff members for HeadStart. If you complete the 1 day qualification you will receive a level 2 Laser accredited certificate (GCSE equivalent)
  • Commissioning training
    Ever wanted to have a say it what services are best for young people? Then receive training to sit on one of our commissioning panels where you get to help decide which services are delivered in Kent.
  • Pay It Forward panels
    Like the thought of being able to make a difference in local communities? Why don’t you get involved in one of our Pay it Forward panels? Young people can apply for £250-£1000 to improve resilience and wellbeing in their communities. You will receive training to sit on the panels and take part in the decision making process.

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Youth health champions are aged 14 to 19 and promote positive health messages and help get young people in Kent talking about youth health. It is an exciting role for young people who really want to make a difference towards increasing the accessibility of health services for young people in Kent. Find out if your school is running the programme by contacting us!

Role of Youth Health Champions

  • Plan the promotion campaign in a school or community setting
  • help raise awareness about the health and emotional wellbeing of young people and promote positive relationships and developing resilience in others
  • fully engage with the training and develop a sound knowledge of the issues regarding safeguarding, relationships, emotional wellbeing and resilience
  • work alongside school and community staff, health care professionals and council staff to support the development of health services for young people
  • attend school assemblies, classes, events and youth sessions to raise awareness of youth health
  • understand and promote the local health services for young people and signpost peers to access them
  • you may be asked to work at weekends and in the holidays but we'll agree these dates with you in advance
  • you will need to show full commitment to achieving the programme objectives and completing monitoring and evaluation information
  • help develop and deliver social media campaigns to reach a wider network of young people
  • ensure compliance with national standards, our safeguarding policies and youth volunteering

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