We asked young people in Kent what they thought resilience meant, and they said:

  • Bounce back
  • Don’t give up
  • Stick at it
  • Adapt to new challenges
  • Be flexible

The following describes a resilient person.

I have people:

  • around me I trust and who love me, no matter what
  • who set limits for me so I know when to stop before there is danger or trouble
  • who show me how to do things right by the way they do things
  • who want me to learn to do things on my own
  • who help me when I am sick, in danger or need to learn.

I am:

  • a person people can like and love
  • glad to do nice things for others and show my concern
  • respectful of myself and others
  • willing to be responsible for what I do
  • sure things will be all right.

I can:

  • talk to others about things that frighten me or bother me
  • find ways to solve problems that I face
  • control myself when I feel like doing something not right or dangerous
  • figure out when it is a good time to talk to someone or to take action
  • find someone to help me when I need it.