Talents and Interests grant scheme is designed to support young people identified by their schools and communities. A trusted adult from the school and/or communities can apply for a grant on the young person’s behalf in order to access hobbies such as sports, the arts, or music. You can bid for £50 to £500 per grant.

Research indicates that positive achievements for children help to build their resilience. This applies not only to academic performance, but also other positive experiences including engagement, enjoyment and success outside of school. To apply for this grant you must be in an active HeadStart district.


To find out whether you are eligible for the grant, and how we can help you can apply online.

Is there something you used to love doing but you don’t anymore? Why is that? Think about what interests you, what you are good at, what you might like to try.

  • There might be opportunities inside school. Speak to school staff. If you can't currently find a club or activity that suits your interests, try and find out if other people might like the same things as you. Your school might be willing to consider developing a new club or activity.
  • What activities do you know of outside school?
  • Are any of your friends already involved in things you’d like to try? Speak to your friends, find out where the activities are run, if they cost anything to attend, how you could get there (maybe another parent could help out if travel is difficult)

You may also want to consider getting involved in HeadStart Kent.