When we talk about our health we should consider our physical health, mental health, and social wellbeing. We should also think about that of those around us, as their health can have an impact on us too.

When thinking about our health we may look at the impact our lifestyle, our surroundings, and our genetic makeup has on it. We have the ability to control some of these aspects but others are out of our control and specific medical advice or treatment is needed. To ensure you’re in good health, it’s also important to know where to go for support to discuss health concerns, both your own and for others. For enquiries visit the NHS Choices website, speak to an adult you trust, or visit your doctor.

There are also lots of ideas on social media for ‘self care ’ strategies – take a look at these techniques to develop, protect or maintain your wellbeing. Healthcare services are there to allow us to strive for a state of complete emotional and physical wellbeing so we should never feel embarrassed about seeking out that support.